The Illusionist

I’ve just finished what may be my final Mandala of the day. I am listening to the score for The Illusionist by Philip Glass. I’ve seen the film twice in the last week and thought it utterly beautiful. And because of the nature of Glass’ music, it fits hand in glove with mandalas for me.

To quote the director, Neil Burger, from the inlay notes on the CD, ” (the story is) less concerned with the manners and morals of the time and more focused on the moments when we come face to face with  something unexplainable, incomprehensible, and how that changes our sense of everything. It’s about perception – how we see the world, what we choose to believe, what we take on faith. Philip understood all of this immediately and then wisely reminded me that it is also very much a love story.”

Because of my particular world view, the film is about the nature of reality. The extent of illusion. The veracity of experience. I commend it to anyone who is interested. Beautifully shot, sublimely performed and powerfully, yet delicately scored, it’s instantly become one of my favourite films of all time.

Here is a sample from the soundtrack:

The Illusionist Main Theme, by Philip Glass


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