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  1. Oh, I do love your creations, Miss!

    I discovered another blogger who created a mandala design on a re-purposed table. Perhaps you would like to see her art (reinventing the event horizon–she also devotes time to her fascination with mandalas.

    You inspire me to create a mosaic mandala, which I think lends rock-hard permanence to the impermanent. Perhaps Buddha will forgive. Everything’s temporary anyway!

  2. You’re right – that was a great project! I wish I could do precision. It’s always eluded me. I’m one of life’s impressionists. Everything from cooking to finances are very much broad brushstrokes for me!
    As for committing to permanence, it’s all relative, and you know what? I’m not really sure that the Buddha holds much truck with forgiveness or the need for it! My life’s motto: You worry, you die. You don’t worry, you still die. (wow, that looks grim when you write it down! When said out loud, it’s much more affirmative.)

    • “You worry, you die. You don’t worry, you still die.” Made me laugh. Similar to something a friend said to me once: “Life’s a bitch. Then you die.” I actually had to write about the moment he said that because the whole experience was important to the uttering of the phrase. (If you are interested, here’s the link:

      Not grim at all, just a terse reminder about how to spend our limited corporeal time!

      That forgiveness thing from a spiritual leader is bosh, isn’t it? We recently watched a Michael Caine dark comedy where a wife inanely said to her husband: “I forgive you for failing.” (I’m leery of organized religion, but I won’t get started here!)

      I have to ponder your statement about precision. I see precision in the whole picture of your mandalas…. hmmmm…. Precision in the expression of the parts…. hmmm…

      (Gosh, I’m certainly a blabbermouth on your blogs!)

      • “I’m leery of organized religion, but I won’t get started here!”
        …so, should we like, start a club or something? 🙂

  3. I’m quite frankly blown away. These are stunning. Thanks to lahgitana for the introduction. I love the freedom you have found within this form–so much more room to breathe than in mine. I love that quality!
    Subscribing now,

    • My goodness….Thank you! Maybe the perfect point is half way between both types – controlled breathing! 😉
      Look forward to reading more of your blog too. Deirdre

  4. Yes let’s start that club as long as it is unorganized. Oh I know! Like the Occupy Wall Street protesters–big club, no joining fees, and certainly no rules! >:-D Count me in!

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