31 Oct 2011


12 thoughts on “31 Oct 2011

  1. Hi Kathryn, I’m a bit of a mix and match girl. I use all kinds of things. I love blow pens (kind of an airbrush effect for kids – don’t know if you’ve seen those?), I use Japanese ink, I use markers, I use scanned stuff, I scribble and I’ve put in more mac hours than the average bear! I use a lot of layers and a lot of trial and error on these. I think digital media, like any other, is one that either suits you or it doesn’t. I came to it quite late (in the last three years), but it just all fell into place after that – especially when I started using a graphics pad. If there’s one tip I would give anyone wanting to try these on digital, it’s always start one layer up from the canvas. It makes everything much more flexible. Hope that helps!

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