Reincarnation XIV

He headed toward the light and was sucked into a giant revolving door. Just prior to being flung out the other side, he noticed a friendly folded sheet of paper that he hadn’t had before. “Your Next Life: What You Need To Know” and in smaller letters: “read each section when directed.”

An arrow appeared. He opened the first flap. “Congratulations! In your next life, starting now, you will be tough, hardy, virile, able to survive in environments where your competitors fail, virtually indestructible.” He liked it already.

(The arrow) “Your enemies will criticise you because they cannot contain you. Your admirers will praise you for your cheeriness, and occasionally you will be considered a delicacy.” Ok. Not so good. A delicacy? “And when this life ends, you will disappear in a cloud of hope carried by the summer sunlight.” Whathaf….??

(The arrow)“You are a dandelion.” An effing plant?? Was it some kind of joke?

(The arrow) “Oops. Hold on”. Good. The mistake had been spotted. “We forgot to adjust your perspective at the doors. There we go. That’s better.”

Then the warmth gushed through him. A dandelion. How wonderful!


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