17 Nov 2011


6 thoughts on “17 Nov 2011

  1. Miss, if you’re up for it, tell me about the asymmetry, please.

    I too am interested in symmetry/asymmetry. I like to put not obvious symmetry in my garden design, so that it appears asymmetrical at first and suggests a relaxed garden rather than a rigid formality, but with underlying unity.

    • Hmm. I haven’t given it much thought. So this may not make much sense. I like symmetry, within reason. I think to an extent, we all do. It feels balanced. But it’s generally a fairly surface level thing. In reality, there is no absolute symmetry, or at least not as we think of it. For every winter, there is a summer; for every good, a bad and for every symmetry, there is asymmetry, even within in that which we perceive to be symmetrical. Underlying unity is a good phrase. I’m not aiming for wildly jarring asymmetry. Just a bit of entropy. Or wabi sabi, maybe. Constant symmetry lulls us into a false sense of security. It’s the occasional bit of asymmetry that wakes us up again.

    • Thanks Kathy – they’re two of my favourite colours. Esp the green. Love acidy greens. Remind me of the work of Jack B Yeats (brother of William, the poet).

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