Radio Silence

Hey everyone,

I feel kind of bad about this, but I’m going into the meltdown phase of my year. Most of the time, everything is on frantic / boil, but from Mid Dec – Mid Feb is sheer chaos. Fear not. It’s all purely professional. Nothing unusual.

Service may be erratic, or suspended entirely. I will try to keep going, but my responses to comments may be patchy. Trust me, it’s not cos I don’t appreciate them, but if you could see my life, you’d understand! I am forever indebted for the interest you’ve shown in my doodles. And it’s been lovely meeting you all.

I really look forward to joining in again in the not too distant future, and if I don’t make contact before hand, enjoy the holidays, and make the most of the world before it all ends in 2012 😉

Just heading over to Confessions now to sign out there too, so ya heard it here first!




3 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. I had an unrealistic wish that you would HAVE to continue the mandalas!

    Take a breath now and then and don’t drink too much. (I’m so wise now that I’m older!) See you when you’re able! –L.

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