About this blog.

I am a serial blogger. My topics tend to be diverse, so rather than try and put them all on one blog, I’ve started several discrete blogs.

This one is not about any self exploration or anything deep and meaningful. This is the fluff of my brain, made into little doodles of symmetry. I am torn on the issue of symmetry, (as I am on many things. Gemini). Symmetry. Hmmm. Neither good nor bad. Just another phenomenon. A pretty one. But symmetry is kinda boring sometimes. So I like to give it an asymmetrical kick in the bum. Wabi Sabi it a bit.

My mandalas will vary in form and the number of planes I work on. I don’t aspire to recreate classical sacred circles. I will probably do some pretty screwy things with them. Just in the interest of experimentation, you understand.

I reserve the right to post random observations and the occasional haiku on this blog.

To get us started, I’m going to post some I made earlier.


9 thoughts on “About this blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I have a drawer full of stuff for doodling…well, scribbling really, a scanner, a graphics pad and a few bits of software that I like. The hardest part is trying to keep track of my markers and things cos the minute I turn my back, the kids have them gone!

      • So, originally, they are on paper?
        Do you add any extra meaning to them? For example one person does yoga because it’s a good exercise and another person does yoga because of yoga philosophy. Do your mandalas represent something or they are just beautiful pictures?

  1. Parts are paper based, but not all. I tend to work this way on most things though. I sort of build images – a bit from here, a bit from there. My cat posters and other illustrations are the same. No great art here! I’m too inconsistent for that. As for extra meaning – foof! Basic answer, no. This is simply an exercise in not thinking. It’s about as close to meditation as I can get. I don’t think and then I wait to see what happens. No great meaning. I tweak things, edit them and try not to over work them (that’s the trickiest bit). It’s lovely when people enjoy them, but there’s no great philosophy here I’m afraid! I don’t really like to inflict my philosophising on the outside world. Too boring and repetitive and possibly even just pretentious navel gazing… I discard the majority of these and I post the ones that appeal to me. They’re not any kind of lasting testament. And while I like the thought that they’re ‘just beautiful pictures’, sometimes, they’re not EVEN beautiful pictures! But that’s not going to stop me yet….
    You know, I hadn’t even considered ‘meaning’ until you asked. So I guess that’s conclusive proof that there isn’t any!;)

      • I thought there was a link–I was trying to send it to someone and actually had to use my BRAIN to find Mandala. How said! But I succeeded!

        Help me understand: “Question on sport?” >:-D

      • You know, like in a quiz show? only in this instance, I clearly have no idea of the answer to your question, and my chances of being able to answer a question on sport are even less 🙂

      • Oh! Yes I see! Thanks for splainin’.

        The safe answer was “dim” because, well, just because. >:-D Happy end of Friday, D!

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